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PUBLISHED on: 19 Jul, 2023

Meet the changemakers of tomorrow – the key designing team behind TMW Maxwell. In this feature, we have Gareth Low, lead interior designer and associate at cross disciplinary practice, Farm.

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An associate at architecture atelier Farm, Gareth Low has always maintained the belief that homes should reflect the way its owners live, not the other way around. 

With a specialisation in furniture design and a passion for creating things with his own hands, it's little wonder Low and his team set forth to craft distinctive interior builds for TMW Maxwell apartments – transformative Flip/Switch furnitures designed to reflect the evolving lifestyles of homeowners today. Watch the full feature below.

The following feature has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Hi Gareth! As we know, TMW Maxwell has the unique premise of being part home, part office, part park and part galleria. Tell us about the spatial design concepts behind such a non-conforming residence.
 TMW Maxwell is a development like no other. It isn't simply a home, but a hybridised environment of multi-hyphenate spaces. Spaces are designed for tomorrow's new generation of affluent multi-hyphenates – people whose passions and experiences vary across a range of interests and industries. 

As homeowners, they appreciate design that emphasises flexibility and adaptability, requiring a home that accommodates their diverse lifestyles and evolving needs.

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Still from TMW Maxwell's Flip/Switch interiors animated video

Take us through some Flip/Switch interiors in a TMW Maxwell studio apartment.
Permutations such as a murphy bed with an integrated sofa allows the living room to be easily switched into the perfect bedroom, while a movable, sliding wardrobe enables homeowners to have a spacious, walk-in wardrobe that can then be closed to conserve space.

Attached to the walk-in wardrobe is a flip-down study table for an efficient home office nook. After you’re done working, simply flip it up to clear your space for other uses. 

Other permutations include a flip-down table on the balcony and a pull-out kitchen countertop, amongst others.

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What spurred you to create the Flip/Switch interiors? 
Gareth: A home should reflect the way you live, not the other way around. TMW Maxwell is designed to be a multipliable home in a time where city lifestyles and passions are evolving, with many homeowners now pursuing a diverse range of passions and hobbies across disciplines.

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Gareth: With Flip/Switch, our intent is to create spaces that are modular and adaptive – going from day to night, for work to leisure, to host one or many.

Areas are designed to be clearly demarcated for multi-use, adapting to the varied needs and habits of homeowners. For example, in our 2-bedder, one can work, get in a yoga session, paint, and even garden – all in a single residence.

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All in all, what kind of a lifestyle do you envision for a TMW Maxwell homeowner?
We envision them to be highly individualistic and non-conforming, with a wide range of interests. The studio is visualised for perhaps an artist who crafts their pieces from home, using the flip-down study table as their workspace.

A compact, yet efficient urban home where they're able to host friends and family – and even mini workshops with the extendable dining countertop.

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Gareth: With our 2-bedder, we see an avid plant owner and fitness buff. They’re always able to get in a good workout at a dedicated fitness corner they've created from an adaptive room in the apartment.

Ultimately, TMW Maxwell is a true urban home designed for the hybrid lifestyles of today, where all facets of city life blend into one exciting offering: a new way of life.

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TMW Maxwell is a collection of multi-hyphenate spaces creating a new iteration of city living. View the possibilities of spaces made for one and for all at our gallery. Preview opens 29 July.